CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship

What is CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship ?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) invites applications for CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for Single Girl Child 2019 from single girl children who have passed the CBSE class 10 examination in the year 2019. The scholarship aims at supporting meritorious single girl students who are the only child of their parents to continue their further school education of class 11 and 12.

What is Eligibility Criteria ?

To be eligible, an applicant must -

  • Be a single girl child of her parents
  • Have passed CBSE class 10 examination in 2019 with 60% or more marks
  • Be pursuing studies in class 11 and 12 at any CBSE-affiliated school whose tuition fee is not more than INR 1,500 per month

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What are benefits ?

The selected girls will receive INR 500 per month for a maximum period of two years.

How to Apply?

Visit the below website to fill Application form

  1. Candidate needs to enter her roll number and Date of Birth (as printed on the class X grade sheet) in order to submit the online application form.

  2. Enter all your particulars carefully and submit the form.

  3. Note down the Registration Number shown on the page. This will be used while uploading documents and also for all other future communications.

  4. Print the undertaking as provided in the “Guidelines Document” (this document), fill it, paste the photograph and get it attested from school.

  5. Prepare affidavit, as per format provided in the “Guidelines Document”.

  6. Scan the above two documents, ie Affidavit and Undertaking so as to create PDF file of up to 1MB size. The PDF should contain all the pages (in case of multiple pages)

  7. Go to “Upload Document” option and upload both the above documents.

  8. Go to print “Confirmation Page” option and generate the confirmation page.

  9. Fresh applicants need not send the confirmation page to CBSE, however, they should keep it for their reference as a proof of successful application. Applicants successfully applied and completed the application will only be able to generate a confirmation page. Applicants who could not generate a confirmation page are not successful, and their application will not be processed.

  10. In case of an application for Renewal Please send duly filled and signed confirmation page to “Scholarship Unit”, CBSE, Shiksha Kendra, 2 Community Centre, Delhi – 110092.

  11. In case of any query you may write to

What are documents required ?

  • Duly filled and attested affidavit (original) by the First Class Judicial Magistrate/SDM/Executive Magistrate/Notary
  • Attested undertaking by the School Principal where the student is studying

What are Terms & Conditions ?

  • The selection of the candidates will be based on their academic merit
  • The awarded scholarship shall be renewed for a period of 1 year on successful completion of class 11. Renewal also depends on promotion to the next class provided the scholar secures 50% or more marks in aggregate in the examination which determines her promotion to the next class.
  • The renewal/continuation of the scholarship, in cases where a scholar gives up the chosen course of study before its completion or if she changes the school or course of study, shall be subject to prior approval of the Board.
  • Scholarship once cancelled shall not be renewed under any circumstances. The decision of the Chairman of the Board shall be final and binding in all such matters.
  • Any resultant dispute arising out of this scholarship scheme shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the court situated in Delhi/New Delhi only.
  • The scholarship is also open for NRI applicants of the Board. The tuition fee of the NRIs has been decided maximum of INR 6,000 per month. 

Short Info
Eligible Course
Class 11 Science Class 12 Science
Scholarship Amount
Upto Rs.6000/-
18 August 2022

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